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Activities and Excursions
What can I do during my holidays in Rangiroa? 

We can organize and book your dives and activities! 

If you're here, it's because you want to organize excursions and activities in Rangiroa, but you're not quite sure of the best choices yet! 
What activities to do in Rangiroa? Blue Lagoon? Reef Island? Is it worthIs it worth doing the Île aux Récifs - Blue Lagoon combo on the same day? And scuba diving? What is the best club in Rangiroa? Pearl farm visitsor from the wine cellar? Initiation to the Polynesian canoe? Fishing trip? 
Dive Explorer Polynesia is our travel advice agency in French Polynesia!

We would be very happy to put you in direct contact with the best excursionists and diving clubs of the moment!

We tested a lot of excursions, dives and activities. We keep up to date with the best providers of the moment to always give you the best advice, which will save you time and money when booking your activities! 


One of the  most famous excursion to do in Rangiroa! The Blue Lagoon is truly a lagoon within the lagoon! Located about 1 hour 20 minutes by boat from the motu where the villages of Rangiroa are located, the Blue Lagoon is a real adventure in the remote motu* of the atoll! 

There are different providers that offer this day trip! Each goes to a different place in the Blue Lagoon. It is important to note that the land where you will be going is private! It belongs to the different families of Rangiroa. When you take an excursion on these motu, you are actually invited to people's home! 

Each excursionist will therefore take you to his land and present the Blue Lagoon to you in his own way! You're always going to the Blue Lagoon obviously. But it's a big place, so they will all show it to you from a different point of view! 

How is the day organized?

In any case, the excursion starts around 8:30 a.m. and ends around 5:30 p.m. A great meal is included in the price! You will eat fish, coconut bread, rice, a barbecue... it's a real Polynesian meal! Each excursionist will show you their speciality. 

You will spend the day exploring the lagoon in the company of a guide! You can swim, see the shark nursery, snorkel... but be careful! It is imperative to protect yourself for this adventure! 

- Sunscreen and protective t-shirt are ESSENTIAL

- Shoes for walking in the water are also ESSENTIAL, for walking between the motu (the stones are sometimes very sharp).

Price: around 10,000 XPF per person. The price is around 12,000 XPF if you do Île aux Récifs and the Blue Lagoon in the same day. 

The price varies a little bit depending on the excursionists


*motu = island in Tahitian 

The Blue Lagoon


Reef Island

Île aux Récifs, the Reef Island, is an absolutely unique place in the world that you will only find here! A very very very long time ago, the movement of the tectonics plates pushed the ocean floor up and out of the water! Today, we can see very old  coral reefs forever frozen in time as enigmatic structures! 

Like the Blue Lagoon, the Île aux Récifs is a day trip, with a departure around 8:30 am and a return around 5:30 pm! Boat time is around 1 hour. 

Each excursionist will take you to his land to help you discover this wonder of nature! The location of the excursion is therefore not exactly the same in function  from the excursionist you choose, as for the blue lagoon. 

I admit it, to visit Île aux reefs, I have a little preference for Leon, from Paati Excursion. I haven't visited absolutely all the excursionists, but so far Leon has my favorite spot! Leon you will take in a maze of rocks separated by pools of crystalline water  in which you can swim while discovering the reef. 

How is the day going?

You will swim and walk between the reefs and motu  from this very remote part of the atoll. The visit is followed by a very good local meal (fish, coconut bread, barbecue over a wood fire). 

The departure  is done around 8:30 a.m. for a delay around 5:30 p.m. It is very important to take sunscreen, something to cover yourself with and shoes to walk on the reef (be careful, you have to walk in the water too!). 

Price: around 10,000 XPF per person, varies according  the excursionists. The price is around 12,000 XPF if you do Île aux Récifs and the Blue Lagoon in the same day. Leon only offers Île aux Récifs full day, he does not offer Lagon Bleu or the option to do both.

The price varies a little bit depending on the excursionists you choose.


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Scuba Diving

Rangiroa is one of the most famous destinations in the world for scuba diving! Diving in the Tuamotu is mainly done in passes. These are breaches in the reef that allow an exchange between the ocean and the lagoon. 

Thanks to the currents, which are punctuated by the tides, the passes are very rich environments in which fish and predators find shelter. The dive clubs mainly dive in the Tiputa pass, located 1km from us. This is where the dolphins of Rangiroa live, very playful animals who like to come and meet humans! 

You will also find hundreds of sharks and thousands of colorful fish! We sometimes see turtles or manta rays, even if they are rarer. 

We have spent the last 7 years diving across French Polynesia to make films and documentaries. Do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations. We can direct you to the clubs that employs the most suitable instructors for your level and what you are looking for! 

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Snorkeling & Discover Dives

For non-certified divers, it is also possible to do a discover dive, to try this activity, or explore the Tiputa pass by snorkeling! 

Discover dives take place in a protected place in the lagoon, with a maximum depth of 6 meters. This is an opportunity to take a very nice underwater walk and see the reef differently! However, scuba diving in the pass is only accessible for certified divers. 

WARNING: we recommend that you book your discover dive a little in advance! 

To discover the Tiputa pass without having a diving certificate, the best option is a drift snorkeling trip! A boat takes you into the pass when the current is ingoing into the lagoon, and you drift calmly  among fish, sharks... and sometimes, a curious dolphin can come and visit you! 



Rangiroa is the only atoll in the world that produces... wine! Incredible but true, one day, people decided... what if we tried? And they did! Producing wine on an atoll with limestone soil basically  made up of coral is quite a challenge! 

It is not possible to visit the vineyards unfortunately. On the other hand, you can visit the wine cellar where you will be explained everything about the production of the Rangiroa wine! The tour ends with a tasting of the wine and rum produced here! A nice moment to spend at the end of the day. 


The visit - tasting takes place every day, except  Sunday, at 5 p.m. The price is 2000XPF per person. The cellar is about 7km from us. You can go there by bike or order a taxi! 

For more information, you can visit the website Rangiroa wine cellar

The wine cellar


The pearl farm


You can also find a pearl farm on the atoll of Rangiroa! The famous Tahitian black pearls are known all over the world... but do you even know how they are produced? 

I have long believed in the myth of the grain of sand that goes into the oyster and forms a pearl... the reality is actually a little more complicated than that! By visiting the pearl farm, you will have a unique chance to learn more about the making of these little pearls that everyone is raving about!


The visit is free and the pearl farm offers a free pick-up. They pick you up at the pension and bring you back after the visit. They also have a shop, where you can buy souvenirs, but of course there is no obligation to purchase by participating in the free visit. 


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