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Discover our Boutique Hotel in Rangiroa!

Bounty Lodge welcomes you in a magnificent garden of exotic flowers. The bungalows are located less than a minute's walk from the turquoise lagoon of Rangiroa Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago. 

We offer 4 fully equipped studios with a large double bed, a kitchenette (a hob available on request, a sink, a small fridge and kitchen utensils) and a private bathroom, in the middle of a beautiful garden of flowers.

We also offer 1 small traditional fare in the garden! It is a small house whose walls are made of woven coconut leaves (this is called "niau" in Tahitian). This bungalow is a kind of “glamping”, a comfortable way to stay in the middle of the garden in a green setting! The bathroom is exterior and semi-private.

With only 5 rooms which can accommodate 2 to 3 people, we stay in small groups and our lodge always remains calm and friendly.
Self-service bicycles are available to visit the Rangiroa atoll, go to the Tiputa pass to see the dolphins jumping in the waves as well as try the local Polynesian cuisine in the many local restaurants and snacks!

Breakfast is included and we offer tea, coffee, bread, pancakes, butter, different kinds of jams, fruit depending on availability, Rangiroa honey and juices or teas flavored with fresh fruit.

Free and fast Wi-Fi internet connection is available throughout the accommodation! Convenient for those who want to share photos or videos during their trip.

Airport transfers are included in the price of the stay! We will pick you up on your arrival to show you the Rangiroa atoll.

Our studios

We offer 4 identical independent studios that each contain:

- A double bed and a single bed
- A mini kitchenette with a hob, a small fridge, a kettle and basic kitchen utensils
- A private bathroom
- A private terrace with two chairs, a table and two deck chairs
- There is no wardrobe, the studios are equipped with shelves to put your belongings!



No wardrobe, but solid wood shelves to put things on! There is space under the shelves to store suitcases in a corner of the room. The sofa/single bed is located right next to it and allows for storage as well.

Our studios are adjoining!

The Bounty is a large house located in the middle of a flower garden.

The studios are side by side, but they each have their own entrance and their own terrace.

There is a calm and relaxing atmosphere at our place!

Capture d’écran 2022-10-05 à 08.08.02.png

Our studios are simple, but we regularly add new decorations (tikis, posters, shells, etc.) to make our rooms welcoming, original and pleasant to live in!

There is no air conditioning. On the other hand, there is a fan as well as mosquito nets on the doors and windows which allow fresh air to pass through!

Our Garden Fare

We offer a traditional garden "fare", a small, simple room made of niau (woven coconut leaves)
which contains

- A double bed
- Be careful, the fare garden does not have a kitchen nor a fridge like in the studios!
- A shared outdoor bathroom
- A private terrace and a small corner of garden under the tree with two chairs, a table and two deck chairs
- There is no wardrobe, the studios are equipped with shelves to put your belongings! There is space under the bed to store suitcases and backpacks!


Our garden fare is a small, simple room typical in the Tuamotu!
It’s sort of like glamping !

Glamping , a contraction of "glamorous" and "camping". It is a type of alternative tourist accommodation close to camping, but which offers greater comfort than camping in a nice accommodation!

The comfort of a real room but the adventure of sleeping among the vegetation in the garden!


There is no bathroom inside the room. A small door at the back of the room opens onto a corner of the garden, in which our outdoor bathroom is located!

This is not a private bathroom. However, it is rarely used by the other residents! It is only used in cases where our guests have already vacated their room and want to quickly take a shower or use the toilet before boarding their plane. It can also be used during evening meals , if customers invite friends from outside the lodge and they want to use the toilets.

It happens from time to time, but generally speaking, this bathroom remains rarely used by other people, so you should not be disturber! It is located at the back of the garden, close to the small fare and allows a lot of privacy.

The room is small and very simple! There is no wardrobe, but we have installed hooks for hanging things as well as shelves!

You have a small fan, three windows and two doors, so you always stay cool!




We offer dinner (starter, main course, dessert) for 4000 XPF per person on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

If you want to dine with us, you can let us know in advance, it helps us to stock up! But in any case, we always manage to serve you and you can book your meals every morning for the evening.

We also try as much as possible to supply ourselves with fresh and local products, which is very complicated in the Tuamotus.

On the evenings when we offer meals, the cooking is provided by Anne and Yasmina, two sisters from Rangiroa who will make you discover the real Tuamotu cuisine! 

Our meals are mainly made up of local fish and vegetables. 
We offer a vegetarian menu option on request!
Usually, we do not serve meat, but we can do so on request.

Monday Wednesday Friday

Diners available at the Bounty
on request 
for 4000 XPF per person
Starter - Main Course 
- Dessert

Local and homemade meals



Dinner & Show
at Raira Lagoon
available on reservation

Dinner & Show
at Pension Cecile
available by reservation


Dinner & Show
at the Kia Ora
available on reservation

The other evenings

We are located just a few hundred meters from the Tiputa Pass and several restaurants!

You will find restaurants less than 1km away that can accommodate you most evenings of the week: Puna snackSnack at Lily'sHotel Kia OraRelais JosephinePizzeria Moanatea
are very good places. 

They are all between 300 meters and 1.5 km from us.  


Food & Drinks

Breakfast included


We serve breakfast every morning! We get homemade and local ingredients as much as possible! This is very rare in the Tuamotus, because we are in an archipelago made up of atolls! Here, fruits and vegetables hardly grow! As a result, most guesthouses and restaurants hardly serve any fresh vegetables and fruits (it is very expensive and very difficult to find).

But thanks to our good relations with farmers in the Marquesas archipelago and with friends on the island of Makatea, we can regularly receive fresh local fruits and vegetables by cargo ship from the other archipelagos of French Polynesia!

We serve homemade tropical jams , and as much as possible homemade fruit juices! We cannot guarantee our local fruits and vegetables at every meal because of our supplies, but they are still very widely available at our place!

Every morning, we offer bread then depending on our supplies, we alternate with homemade pancakes , homemade yogurts , fresh coconut bread or even plates of fresh tropical fruits !


Pink Aesthetic Elegant 2023 Annual Calendar Poster.png

The price includes: 

-  Transfers to and from the airport
- Breakfast every morning
- A bike per person to explore the island
- A fast Wi-Fi connexion
- A studio containing a double bed, a single bed, a kitchen, a bathroom and a private terrace overlooking the garden

Polynesia Resident Rates
only offered during low season
* (green dates on the calendar)

Studio 1 person · 12,500 XPF
Studio 2 people · 16,500 XPF
Studio 3 people · 22,500 XPF

Garden Fare 1 person · 9000 XPF
Garden Fare 2 people · 11,000 XPF

Regular rates
* (also high season rates for residents)

Studio 1 person · 14,500 XPF
Studio 2 people · 19,500 XPF
Studio 3 people · 25,000 XPF

Garden Fare 1 person · 10,000
Garden Fare 2 people · 13,000 XPF

Our two types of rooms:
- The studio containing a double bed, a single bed, a mini kitchenette, a bathroom and a private terrace overlooking the garden.


- The garden fare containing a double bed, no kitchen , a shared bathroom outside the bungalow and a small private terrace.

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