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Discover Rangiroa with our team!


 Haiatua's Excursion
Fishing and Crafts

The Haiatua excursion
Fishing and Crafts

Set off to discover the local way of life, the Tuamotu food and Rangiroa's reef with Haiatua! 

Haiatua is one of the managers at the Bounty! 

He organizes tailor-made excursions which last half a day to go fishing on the dock and on the reef, to do crafts, to discover the food of the islands... In short, he invites you to discover the Tuamotu way of life with him!

He will show you how the inhabitants of Rangiroa go fishing from the dock, or how they make jewelry or baskets! You will also be able to discover the different plants found on the island and their uses! 

The excursion is tailor-made! 

Just tell Haiatua what you want to discover (you're more about fishing? crafts? a bit of both?) and he will organize his tour to show you what interests you the most!

Duration: approximately 4 hours

Rate: 4000 XPF per person 

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